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About Karen Norris

I have had many successes with clients following my own national then international success as one of Britains top body fitness athletes competing both nationally then internationally for Great Britain from 2006 to 2012.

Client achievements range from every day weight loss goals, major health improvements including controlling clients nutrition to the degree they no longer require medication for diabetes, amongst other diet related health problems.

Increasing strength and muscle and improving overall health, fitness and nutritional behaviours to achieving the bodyshape of their desire.

I also specialise in coaching females in Fitness model, Bodyfitness, Figure all the way to Pro status Figure.

Throughout my journey as well as adapting many different training styles for success, continually researching and updating my nutritional knowledge and seeking and learning from some of the best mentor.

I have done a lot of personal self development and truly believe people gain a huge benefit from adopting a positive belief mind set.  Personally using certain techniques including positive mindset, visualisation and mindfulness which has helped me reach the top of my game, preparing for and coping with the varieties of life.

Ultimately this has then spreads to all areas of a good life – health, wealth, love and happiness. I offer clients guidance to see the potential of what their mind set can bring and to feel total body confidence and well being, health and happiness in every waking moment to achieve the ultimate transformation.

Since becoming pregnant in 2015 my mindset shifted dramatically with regards to my personal body image.  Previously in my years of competing I couldn’t imagine ever not having a six pack and being anything over 14% body fat.

Looking back I realise during my competition days I was striving for perfection and chasing a constantly moving goal post, I realise now although to this date still extremely proud of my achievements I wasn’t so happy whilst seeking approval of others, trying to perfect on the outside what really needed healing on the inside. Much to the disbelief of others who thought I would never have a baby due to weight gain etc, I totally embraced what was happening and had complete gratitude and joy for what my body was creating. For the first time I felt whole, worthy and a love for my body and having a purpose.

I am now able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and enjoy a balanced life and live my healthiest version. This in turn enables me to teach others how to live a healthy, happy lifestyle with body confidence and feeling empowered whilst offering all the golden nuggets of a fit and healthy nutritional lifestyle.

On my search to find the latest and most current information for pre and postnatal women I was surprised to find the lack of current knowledge and information to support women out there of what you can and can’t do, most was very basic and outdated.

This encouraged me to continue research and find a highly backed governing body to re train so that I could support women and give them the best knowledge, advice and help available.

No client is the same and as long as a they wants results and be prepared to give all they can, I will offer all the help, techniques, advice and experience I have gained over the years.  I will direct away from common mistakes and offer all the tools to achieve goals and aspirations as smoothly, enjoyable and as fun as possible.

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