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Personal Training - Nutrition - Body Transformations

If your aim is to change your body shape, improve your body confidence, increase your fitness and achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle, I offer a variety of training styles and packages to suit.

Personal Training

Personal training is as individual as you are! After an initial consultation your fitness program will be designed specifically for you, once I have identified what motivates you, your likes, dislikes and ultimately what you are looking to achieve. I will combine different methods and styles of training to suit you, enabling you to relax, feel comfortable and most importantly, enjoy our sessions as well as the rewards they will bring. I include personal training, easy to follow nutritional plan, goal setting, and motivational mindset techniques and tips and advice ensuring you stick to it.

Female Personal Trainer Cambridge
Female Personal Training Cambridge
Health, Nutrition and Well Being

80% of your body transformation and fitness results is dependant on nutritional requirements – therefore, the first factor we will need to consider in order for you to reach your goals is how to adjust your diet accordingly. Initially this will include a food diary analysis, body stat measurements, advice on carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the effects they have on your body – helping you to understand how nutrient timing plays an important roll. Ways to increase the metabolism and providing you with a detailed food plan for you to follow.  As we progress and monitor your results closely we make adjustments where necessary to make sure you continue to see maximum results. Every person is different so the design of your plan and ongoing adjustments is personally designed just for you.

Healthy Foods
Body Transformation

This is all of the above plus teaching the mind set how to create your ultimate healthy and fit body. What to do on a daily basis. Incorporating a positive mindset to success and achieve amazing results. Re-inforcing dreams and goals and how to make big positive changes using self awareness, understanding consistency and how to over come sabotaging behaviours. Understanding how rest and recovery is essential to reach your results and enjoy the feelings of well being, total body confidence and happiness.

Body Transformation
Karen Competing
Specific Pre and post natal 1 to 1

Advising on healthy nutrition and safe ways to exercise from during pregnancy, minimising pregnancy related problems to post pregnancy whilst working towards pre pregnancy body shape and strength. All of what’s involved within Mumma Bubba BootyCamp plus personalised nutritional plans, monitoring, and exercises specifically designed according to individual needs.

Post Natal Bootcamp

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