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I am so passionate to help ladies at any stage of pregnancy and post natal, both nutritionally and exercise. I also am available to coach both pre and post natal women who require 1 to 1 personalised nutritional advice and safe and effective exercise plans.

Realising as a new mum it’s not quite as simple to pop your gym kit on and go and meet your trainer for a 1 to 1 session, I also wanted to be able show a way to mummies how we can still get fit feel healthy and confident again following baby.

This is how Mumma Bubba BootyCamp came about and enabling me to reach out to many more mums, offering expert advise in a group environment. Safe to confidently exercise, seeing and feeling results whilst regaining important functions of the body and avoiding exercises that could put unnecessary stress on the core and surrounding area.

As important and if not more so BootyCamp is to empower post natal women, to love themselves, feel worthy and confident.

Meeting and socialising with other mums, exchanging baby related questions and advise and ongoing support in every avenue of being a new mum. We are about celebrating being a mum and the amazing achievement in itself that is and generally have a feeling overall confidence whatever shape or size and feel like the empowering mummy we were designed to be.

Benefits to gain

  • Meet and socialise with other mums
  • Exercise with your baby
  • Feeling more energised
  • Improve overall health, wellbeing, fitness and strength
  • Drop pregnancy weight/body fat whilst toning body
  • Work core strength and pelvic floor to help prevent and minimise pregnancy related problems
  • Learn about healthy nutrition and ongoing tips to maintain healthy balanced body weight and feel healthy, strong and energised.

BootyCamp Group agreements, support and promises:

  • Meet and socialise with other mums
  • We want to feel fit and healthy and general well being
  • Expand our knowledge on exercise and nutrition – pre post natal and ongoing
  • Body confidence and acceptance
  • Empowered by the miracle we have created
  • Empowered and a gratitude for what our body has done for us to change, adapt and hold a baby or babies safely for us.
  • Have an understanding that from 9 months of growing a baby we need to allow a similar time to get back to a pre pregnancy body safely, and depending on complications it could take longer.
  • Social interaction with other mums and making new friends
  • A safe and non judgmental place for us to talk, discuss, share and offer tips and advice to each other
  • To share experiences – from labour talk ( I am still doing it now and lil one is toddler!!)
  • Sharing experiences, helpful tips and advice, gentle encouragement we are doing ok, understanding there are so many right ways, as a new mum we can get so caught up on this.
  • Last but not least enjoy the benefits of a social network of like minded mums all going through the same stuff.

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