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Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing Coach


Empowering women to thrive throughout their journey of health, healing and self-discovery.  Unlock the magic of the mind-body connection, rediscovering their passion for whole body wellness.  Leading to a life filled with joy and purpose.

Are you feeling stuck in your journey towards better health, fitness and overall wellbeing? Are you struggling with motivation and confused by all the conflicting diet and wellness advice?  Are putting so much pressure on yourself to achieve your goals only to self sabotage and beat yourself up and feel like a failure?  If you feel physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted, I am here to tell you there is hope and a much better way!

Through my experience as a Yoga teacher, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing coach, I believe that true wellness comes from taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. My focus is on empowering women to take on a whole-body and mind approach to all their health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

I understand how many women struggle with self-doubt, battle with motivation and other external factors that feel beyond control.  As well as experience physical, mental or emotional stresses and tension, making it really tough to implement healthier habits and behaviors into their lifestyle.

Many women feel challenged with body changes and body confidence which in turn has a direct effect on their self worth.  As they find their old regimes no longer having the same effect, whether it’s from hormonal changes or other lifestyle factors, a lot of negative self talk and self sabotage can manifest here. 

That’s why I offer guidance and support to my clients with the tools and education to adapt to these changes and offer solutions that are rarely addressed in the mainstream health and fitness industry. 

I support my clients as we break down many diet and fitness myths.  As well learn the impact to our ever changing hormones and how to work with them rather than against. 

Understand the importance of mindset, which can literally make or break goals! How we talk to ourselves as well as what we are absorbing can have massive impact our health and wellbeing, positively or negatively.

Only then can we rediscover the power for whole-body wellness, our innate ability to heal and start achieving all our goals and desires.

I am passionate about empowering women to achieve their best selves by nurturing their bodies and minds through the practice of yoga, holistic nutrition, fitness and whole mind body wellbeing practices. My mission is to guide you on a journey towards optimum health, inner and outer strength, overcome mindset blockages, self sabotage, limiting beliefs and daily stresses.

Ultimately to live a more fulfilling life and experience optimum health, happiness, vitality and joy living life to the fullest.

Personal Training & Body Transformation

Let's work together to achieve whole body mind transformational goals. From fitness, to wellness, body shape to vitality, mindset to beliefs, let's breakthrough blockages that hold you back to become your greatest version!

Optimum Health through Nutrition

Overhaul your nutrition and boost your metabolism as well as immune system. Incorporate foods and practices that support your health, happiness and wellbeing and longevity. As a woman learn how different foods affect your hormones and get in sync with your body rhythm, maximise your energy, vitality, body shape and wellbeing goals.

Yoga & HighVibe Living

Join my in person yoga classes, it's a perfect combination to tick all the boxes! We start with Vinyasa flow building heat and energy promoting strength and stamina. Followed with slower paced practice of deeper stretches that calm mind and balance the nervous system. Aiding us to release any stresses, anxiety and worries of the day, promoting healing to body and mind.

Just a few examples of what you can expect from our coaching together!


  • Relieve stress, anxiety and self sabotage that cut us off from achieving our highest potential, as well as improving mental clarity overall well being.
  • Learn how our thoughts and the way we speak to ourselves on a daily basis can make or break our goals
  • One size fits all doesn’t work, work with your body rather than against it using a bespoke exercise and nutrition plan
  • Identify myths and beliefs you have taken on, and how they have been holding you back in your health and wellbeing desires
  • Learn the practice of yoga and how it can transform life on many levels. Physically building strength and flexibility reflects off the mat creating inner strength in the mind too.
  • Encouraging self-study promoting healing from old wounds/traumas creating greater self-awareness, mindfulness, and compassion.
  • Experience the healing power of food, how it can be used for all your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. Get off the yo yo diet wheel once and for all.  
  • Thrive throughout different stages of life and hormonal changes with confidence and knowing as you work with the body rather than against it.
  • Empowered in pursuit of all your health, fitness and wellbeing goals and dreams with enthusiasm, energy and joy.

Strength & Fitness

Body Transformations

Detox, Heal & Purify


Yoga & Wellness

Nutrition for Optimum Health

Inner Peace & Happiness