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Body Mind and Soul Transformation Specialist

My mission to show people how they can achieve mind body and soul transformation, become the healthiest, happiest, strongest and empowered version of themselves inside and out. Release any body image issues, judgement or negative mindset. Create optimum health, wellbeing & vitality and step into highest version to connect with own unique divine force.

Here is my story why I am so passionate about this!

I have always lead a very active life  As a child I swam competitively, and having my own horse spent many hours of riding and competing in horsey events. 

From leaving school I went into horse racing which was probably the first time I became aware of my body weight and extreme dieting. I wanted to be a jockey, and although there were some female jockeys, it was a tall order in a male dominated world.

Struggling to make the weight and be strong enough to hold the horses was  tough. I was young, it clearly wasn’t any good for my health, so I eventually walked away from the scene.

I began competitive running – 10k, half marathons and finally a marathon.  Continuing my competitive streak, I was dedicated, trained hard and consistently and placed high.  Following many miles of pounding the roads with a goal for an elite marathon time, I collapsed over the finish line with heat exhaustion, a stress fracture, whilst still placing fourth female!

Devastated, unable to run, I was led to the gym as part of my rehabilitation process.  I was amazed at how much my body shape changed using weights and high intensity style training. It felt like a blessing as not only was I achieving the body shape I dreamed, I also wasn’t smashing my bones to pieces in the process!

I regularly studied all the fitness and nutrition articles in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness. My next dream was to be featured whilst achieving a stage quality physique to match up with body that were regularly featured.  When I wasn’t training I was reading up on nutrition and how elite athletes whether that be for endurance or to step on stage completely fined tuned their nutritional intake to work optimally for their body. I quickly learnt 80% of results is actually in the kitchen and began following the same process as part of my lifestyle.

Fascinated by the nutritional side I studied this in as much depth as I could and trained as Nutrition Specialist & Personal Trainer, my hobby became my life.

I went on to compete in BodyFitness and Figure competitions for what turned out to be the next 10 plus years!  

Winning all the regionals I entered (excluding 1 where I just hadn’t prepped well) I always placed top 3 in the Nationals, which lead me to receive an invite to compete internationally for Britain. 

I had also been regularly featured in many of the fitness magazines including my favourite Muscle & Fitness multiple times over. 

I went from a Rooky to a top Bodyfitness name in a very short space of time.

Looking back now I can see unknowingly this where things started to take a down turn in my mindset and competition.  The better I did, the less I actually enjoyed what I was doing and the more pressure I put on myself. My achievements and goalposts were forever moving.  As soon as I ticked off one goal, where was the next.  

My mindset became distorted, I was constantly judging and self criticizing myself whilst comparing to other people and only seeing imperfections.  The wins felt short lived and in reality the pressure to be better than the time before was affecting my daily confidence and self worth.

At the top of my success I was invited to compete for Great Britain in the Worlds and also the Arnold, most budding competitors dream.  Ironically this was also the place where I fell and hit rock bottom in my own worthiness.  

To match up with this level of competition and have a valid place on stage I was having to take some pretty strong ‘supplements’ whilst maintaining a hardcore exercise and diet regime in order to achieve the extreme results I needed around 8% bodyfat and some seriously dense muscle! I didn’t place as I had hoped 8th in the Arnolds and nowhere in the Worlds.  This left me devastated and feelings of unworthiness and life as I knew it crumbling away.  

I realised I distorted and unhealthy view of reality and knew I needed to take time out.  By constantly seeking approval of others to feel ‘good enough’ ‘worthy enough’  I was trying to perfect on the outside what really needed healing from the inside. 

Unknowingly I had completely given my power away and was the victim of other people’s perception of me, even worse, my perception of their perception!

I went back to my roots of my earlier years of interest in spirituality. I did a lot of questioning on old beliefs followed by a lot of inner work to find love and forgiveness from the inside which somehow along my journey and having such a competitive mindset I had lost sight of. I immersed myself in meditation anything from 1 to 2 hrs a day, healing, crystal therapy and hypnotherapy.  I took up daily Yoga and even booked myself on a healing retreat.

On top of all I realised I had been experiencing what many call a spiritual awakening. I went from confidently ‘performing’ on stage to experiencing extreme lack of self belief, worth and social anxiety. I didn’t like being around people, especially large groups and felt an uncomfortable overwhelming sensitivity towards other people’s energy.

Slowly but surely with this new consistent lifestyle of self healing, yoga and meditation my confidence began to build again.  I began to hold patience for myself and my healing journey and have gratitude my may amazing healthy body even after I had put it through. I welcomed self love and began to feel in awe of having this pure existence on this earth. 

The next stage of my life was pregnancy and was able to totally embraced what was happening and had complete gratitude and joy for what my body was creating. No worries of no six pack and for the first time felt completely whole, worthy and a love for my body and the amazement of being able to create another life!

My perception had completely shifted from a place of inner judgement, body shaming and unworthiness to seeing the world from a lense of joy, happiness and love. My daily connection with what I now understand as universal consciousness has become as important as each breath I take. I now welcome each day to experience what magic the universe and the planet we live on gifts us with each day and have a sense of gratitude..

My focus now is very much around body, mind and soul being in perfect balance, in homeostasis. Since having a daily yoga practice along with regular meditation and a healthy morning routine this was transformational to my life, well being and happiness.  To feel in optimum health with energy and strength I make sure I eat mostly foods that are high vibrational holding healing qualities and try and avoid toxins where possible. Following these principles I am living out my most vibrant, healthiest, happiest, content life.

To compete at a high level can be hugely rewarding and I have also helped many clients step on stage or achieve body transformation they dreamed of, guiding them do it from a more positive mindful place than I had fallen victim of.  It’s my duty to provide the knowledge of my personal experiences both good and bad to show sometimes it’s not all glamour and beauty.  To have a strong mindset practice and prevent going down the route of self judgement and unrealistic expectations is definitely something to be avoided and a more balanced and holistic approach is best for overall health, wellbeing and happiness.


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