Desires goals and dreams

Make sure your desires, goals and dreams happen

Desires goals and dreams


I bet you’ve heard tons of people talking about their New Year’s resolutions by now and probably received tons of emails, instagram and facebook posts relating to achieving desires, goals and dreams.


So why am I writing about it?  Well here’s the thing, a common theme year after year people either have this huge list of all the things they want to make happen.  Maybe they went off the rails after attempting the same desires and goals the previous year.  Or maybe have a huge goal that they have no idea how they are going to begin to make them turn into reality.


Many people fail to achieve, simply because they haven’t put a plan together to how they are going to make it happen.  They haven’t considered if in fact it is attainable for their current and foreseeable lifestyle. When things come to the crunch the desires goals or dreams can end up being overwhelming and many times don’t even get started, let alone failing in a couple of good intention weeks.


Personally I have many things I would like to achieve for 2020 and beyond but I wouldn’t call them resolutions.  More so picking back up from where I left off as holiday season, family commitments, extra shopping trips and festive gatherings began and somehow took over my whole month of December. My exercise routine and nutrition took a hit for sure 🙁  whilst my work on business slowed down, as did my committed students and clients to reach their own personal goals.


Many of us then end up being in a very similar situation come January when all the party hats are put away. We feel a bit sluggish, gained a few pounds and have the sniffles – suddenly this is where the crazy long list of resolutions come up.  


So how do we make our goals, dreams and desires happen?  Well the first thing we need to do is be realistic. If our goal is to get healthy, lose a stone or more, get to the gym every day and be in the best shape of our lives in a month, it’s probably not going to happen as simply as that.


So what’s missing and how do we go about achieving them?..Well it’s the action plan after we have decided what our goals are, to decide how we are actually going to achieve them.  This needs to include the steps we need to take daily in order to reach it. 


Considering – 

  • Is it possible in our current lifestyle?  I.e work, family or other non negotiable commitments.  
  • What are the actions we can make day in day out in order for it to actually happen.  
  • Maybe it’s giving up some planned nights out, or at least committing to be strict (personally I find the second option a lot harder and I would rather become a hermit if the case arises, however, we are all first hands at our own personality, what works and what doesn’t). 

This is exactly what you need to dig deep, be questioning what works for you and what doesn’t in this moment.


I have a now 3yr + old for those that didn’t know.  Understandably since he was born my fitness routine and lifestyle had to change dramatically to accommodate my non negotiable new born;) 


Now he is a little older and there is a little more me time whilst he’s off having fun at pre-school, I would love to pick my fitness and strength back up whilst improving further and deepening my personal yoga practice. 


I have always enjoyed things that challenge. Would it be an option for me to hit the gym first thing every morning?  No, it’s completely unrealistic due to my 3yr old waking, getting ready for ‘his’ day. Do I give up? Absolutely not, the question I have to ask is how else can I achieve the same result?  It simply would mean to get up an hour earlier and get workout or yoga session in followed by what I want to accomplish all within my own home.  


For someone else getting up an hour earlier, with a completely different lifestyle and commitments, getting up that much earlier could be impossible if they are already getting up to work. In which case maybe if planned they could schedule it in around another free area of their day or evening.


After training clients for over 15yrs, the main place people fail or give up is not spending time to create a realistic plan of how they are going to achieve their desires and goals.  Including what changes they need to take in order to succeed, and how not only will it affect themselves, but their family and other commitments non negotiable or negotiable commitments.


A quote comes to mind ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’  Albert Einstein.


As humans we don’t like change. This creates fear of the unknown, the devil you know mentality. But in order to achieve something different it’s the one thing we have to be willing to do, wholeheartedly and unapologetically – Change.

The one and only thing which is constant is change.  Day by day, month to month, season to season and year by year, sunset sunrise – it’s the world we live in!


If we could trust and follow this process of change, accept the new adventures of our lives ahead, whilst releasing what no longer serves with less resistance and going in whole heartedly to what we need to do.  Then potentially we can achieve our wildest dreams. We just have to have the plan action – otherwise it will always remain a dream.


Another example I see so often is somebody starts a new diet plan, potentially they managed to stick to it for a week or 2 and then after that they mess it up and give up and assume the diet isn’t working.  Realistically, they hadn’t planned well so life got in the way and diet went out the window. If they had taken some time to plan what happens when they are say, working away. Potentially they needed to meal prep a few days in advance.  A planned social with friends with all good intentions ends with starters, main, dessert and then some cocktails to finish, not their fault right?:)


That’s why we have to ask ourselves a few simple questions before beginning.  Otherwise we are just setting ourselves up for failure and that’s no fun for our own self worth and future decisions of what we can or can’t succeed with our future desires and goals.


  • How much do I want it?  

If we want something enough we will absolutely achieve it without question.  If we don’t we find all the excuses in the world to sabotage ourselves whilst blaming external forces.


  • Is it humanly possible to fit it in with my current work, family and non negotiable lifestyle?

If the answer to the above is no..


  • Are there any changes that can be implemented to make it possible? 

(e.g meal prep all your food for a few days in one batch, say no to friends or order steak and salad whilst declining dessert and cocktails, or swap the gym out for creating a home practice)


For me, I just have 2 goals to commit to and stick by this coming year. Nothing to crazy, but powerful I believe all the same.  


The first is to go to bed earlier (I have been known to stay up til 1am working). 


The second is to get up and hour or so before lil one.  In this hour or so I will begin with some traditional yoga and follow it up with some HIT shred, similar themed to Yoga shred class I created. Then follow up with some journaling to set my plan of what I want to achieve in the day, intentions I have and mindset I want to create in order to achieve this.  Everything else, my bigger bolder more crazy desires, goals and dreams I want to achieve in the next year or even 5, will naturally fall into place.


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