Energy Prana and Vibration

Happy People receiving high vibrational energy from the sun rays

Energy Prana and Vibration

What is Energy, Prana & High Vibration? 

Prana is universal energy flowing in and around your body. High Vibration is that same energy at it’s most potent level, it means you are your happiest healthiest, highest potential, in your bliss state of being and connection to mind, body and soul.

Your emotions (energy in motion) are in a state of love, joy, happiness, gratitude etc.  You feel vibrant, energised, joy, love and doing the best you can for your mind, body and soul.  Being your best self and honouring and nurturing yourself with the healthiest choices, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Every person has their own unique vibration and we are all affected differently dependant upon our own unique make up. 

It could be the regular exercise you do, whether it’s yoga, hitting the gym or even long walks and as long as you are doing it to the level thats beneficial to your mind and body. 

The company you keep and your relationships you hold and the conversations you have with others.  The thoughts you allow to come into your mind.

The love you hold in your heart and the way you treat yourself and others.  The knowing that where ever you are in your life you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

Yoga and energy prana from sunshine and water

Prana is universal life force energy, everything is made up of energy and everything emits an energetic frequency which determines the level of vibration. 

Some are extremely low and dense – take metal as an example whilst on the other end of the scale – light holds the highest vibration, water comes second. 

This makes a lot of sense when a healthy adult is around 60% water and you cant deny how much happier people are in the summer months with lots of natural sunlight. 

You can notice the difference whilst spending time outside on a lovely day and surrounded by nature compared to being shut in a room with no natural light all day. 

Having shower or even better to emerge under natural flowing water is hugely purifying and cleansing on an energetic vibrational level too.

Using crystals is another way to lift your vibration as they come from the earth and have different qualities so you would use different ones depending what your intention was for. 

Our emotions and feelings whether they be around happiness, love, joy, compassion will raise the vibration pranic energy, at other end of scale anger, fear, guilt will dramatically lower the vibration.

Just notice where your thoughts go when not paying attention, are they positive? Or are they living out the past or running of somewhere in the future?  By just bringing them back to this present moment you will automatically feel more at peace.

Are we in a natural state of gratitude of our surroundings, our life, our health and happiness? Or are we feeling victim to our circumstances?  Maybe in fear or anger or blaming others our situations and how we are feeling in any given moment. 

I was taught many years ago from a good friend Louise Lloyd  

We are 100% responsible for our own life’s and the situations we are in right now in this moment in time. Sounds like tough love right? So that’s what I thought, initially.

But after spending sometime I realised it meant completely the opposite – we have total control in every given moment how we want our lives to play out, how we want to feel, be and act – EVERY SECOND we have a new slate – to be different, better, unique, happy, enlightened – whatever we want to be!!  Dreams of happiness love bliss

The foods we put into our bodies massively effect our vibration.  As with everything else it also holds a vibration which can be really high or really low. 

Fresh organic fruits and veg hold a really high vibration because they have absorbed lots of sunlight, fresh water and free of pesticides. 

Low vibration foods would be all animal products or where an animal has suffered as we would then consume the trauma and vibration of the animal, GMO foods being another.Foods with high vibration and prana energy

Now look at the times when you are in moments of joy, having lots of fun, you’re in your element, doing what you love and time just flies past, if felt like you lost time you were so in the moment.   The opposite end of the scale would be you are in the middle of doing something you don’t enjoy, how slow does time seem to go here? 

Energetic Vibration Frequency scale

We can also look at this in terms of manifesting..

When we are happy, being in the moment.  In a joyful state having gratitude for life as it is.  Good things seem to happen as if by magic or luck. 

It’s not by luck – the higher we vibrate the faster we will manifest. 

The slower we vibrate the slower we manifest – which is actually a good thing! 

Imagine for a moment you were having a bad day and thought ‘oh i have had enough of this world, get me out of here’ if manifestation was immediate we would just disappear in that instant!

Luckily there is a time lag:)

 So you are getting a sense now how everything affects our vibration, knowingly or not.  The good thing is when you are aware of this you can make so many conscious decisions that before were out of your control and to lift up your level of vibration to where ever you want to put it.

This is where I have found having a regular morning practice to set mind, intentions and vibration for the day becomes a life changer to the way we experience the world and to live a HighVibe life!

By taking that control before outside influences or even and more so often your own monkey mind getting in the way and sabotaging you achieving your wishes, goals & dreams.

Within that first waking hour you have already achieved so much and what happens throughout the rest of your day?  Well you have just programmed your mind to continue attracting and achieving what ultimately will lead you down the path to your highest potential!

Do you feel inspired to start making some positive changes in your but don’t really know where to start?
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