Explosive Energy, Healing and Expansion

Explosive Energy, Healing, Expansion

Explosive Energy, Healing and Expansion

We are entering a time of explosive energy, healing and expansion of consciousness. Eclipse season is here, as always has something to show us, reveal, bring forward to our attention to be observed, addressed, moved through and healed.


‘This explosive energy can play out in a number of ways’


Whilst we can’t deny the chaos that surrounds us all in our external reality in our present time. We are actually seeing the underbelly of events, emotions and unconscious behaviours that have been deeply buried for a long time. Now bubbling up to the surface so we see, heal, transmute and grow.  Whilst making some long overdue changes for the well being of ourselves, others and the planet upon which we live on.  


Maybe you have been witnessing this explosive energy closer to home.  From the people around you or even your own energy levels and/or emotions spiking to surprising levels.  You could be feeling more physically driven, ready to make massive positive changes in your life, job, health, world.


From a physical perspective I have felt this explosive energy in a physical and positive sense.  A renewed desire to build my strength and fitness back up on top of my yoga practice that I focused on for some time. Those that have tried my signature Powerbar workouts this has been my go to over the last couple of weeks with complementary consistent sunshine in the garden.   Minimal equipment needed, maximum output and gains! 


My desire to fine tune myself on all levels, creating balance and be the healthiest version, has ramped up following a good 6 weeks of feeling like a headless chicken and no idea whether I was coming or going.


We really do have a choice in these moments, especially now the energies are so high. Its a potent time to start consciously creating what we want.  


It’s also a time to become aware of all that holds us back. Whether it’s our thoughts, feelings, emotions, addictions or general unconscious behaviours.  Where we check out, dumb out or choose to get side tracked with.  

‘We consciously respond or unconsciously re-act’


When we get into the latter of unconscious behaviours and reactions, we end up just creating more of what we are seeing.  Playing in that conquer, fight, right side, wrong side and fear based mentality.  

Not only is it emotionally draining, our nervous system gets stuck here.  Our body creates a constant drip of chemical stress hormones that attack our nutrients whilst depleting our immune system, creating havoc on our health and well being.  


We then wonder why we feel more burnt out, stressed, anxious and fearful whilst repeating cycles over and over, experiencing more divide, separation and scarcity in our external world.


‘We can consciously choose in each moment to raise our own vibe, our thoughts, our energy, saturating our body with happy hormones and spread this vibrational frequency far and wide’ 


Maybe you’re wondering how you or I can possibly make a difference to the events we see playing out in the world, try then thinking it more like this …


  • By beginning with ourselves and owning our own darkness. 
  • Seeing our fears, hidden emotions, honouring our inner child. 
  • Aware of when we project on others our own insecurities. 
  • Becoming truly devoted to healing our deepest darkest wounds. 
  • Going within and not avoiding it through distractions. 
  • Observing, feeling, processing, healing, resolving. 
  • Forgiveness, compassion, love

‘Through compassion and forgiveness of our own unique journey our heart and minds open. Viewing the world from a more beautiful and high vibrational lens’

How does this new highest version of ourselves show up to our children, family and friends? How are we then received by others once we are no longer projecting, judging, comparing, fearing etc?


🙂 Our vibration and energy field is lit up like love light.   We become present, loving, holding space, listening, caring, supporting, compassionate, kind, generous, thoughtful, serving, blissed out, happy, enlightened – the list goes on.  


This love lit highest version of you will create a dramatic impact on all those you encounter.  When your lit up energy field hits another – you light them up too. The ripple begins, or butterfly effect.  Before you know it you have helped raise their vibration, whilst assisting in their own unique healing journey.  Creating more consciously and before we know, the vast majority of the collective is lighting up.  


This is what is happening now, people are literally lighting up. Looking for new ways of being and becoming.  More awareness, compassion, more serving, more conscious. Through their interacting with each other and the world as a whole.


Whilst there are still many things that seem dark showing up in front of us we can observe this, it’s like shining a torch in a darkened room, we have to see it to transmute it.  Think of it as a game of chess being played, right now, across the world.  That’s why we need to be very deliberate about what we are consciously creating. Every move we make will dictate the opposing reaction to that.  


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Newton Law


Once we begin to heal all our wounds, our cup of pure unconditional love will overflow and from this space we can offer that love light and unity (U-n-I-ty) consciousness to all we come into contact with.  


I will end this with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ 


And my favourite and inspirational teachers version – Wayne Dyer

‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’


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Present moment enjoying sunshine

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