“May today there be peace within, May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you.”

For the past 18 years I have coached people through their transformation goals. With dedication, mindset, good nutrition some also followed in my footsteps on stage, not only achieving their original goals but becoming the most disciplined and in the best shape they also ever dreamed of. 

The early days my career was dedicated to competing in figure and fitness and along with many trophies led me to compete internationally for Great Britain. 

You could say I had my fair share of the limelight being on stage and winning trophies year after year, photoshoots and featured regularly in top fitness magazines. 

Without a doubt it took a lot of discipline, drive and passion to succeed along with knowledge and understanding of how to change the body shape for a desired outcome!  Then add a lot of motivation, dedication and an all or nothing mindset to keep going at that pace and level for almost 10 years! 😅

That drive and competition mindset came from many years previous and was ingrained in my blood.  Not even a teenager I swam competitively for the county as well as being one of the top long distance runners of my school years.  

My spare time was with my horse attending most of the local shows and events over the weekend. For a while my dream was to be a jockey, no sooner had I finished school I got myself a job as an apprentice jockey. A posh word for a heck of a lot of hours and demanding physical work really😉  I struggled to make the weight along with the strength required to hold some of the horses so eventually left the world of racing.

I began competitive running, and a little yoga just for stretching purposes,  I also began meditation which not only helped with my focus and mindset, unaware at the time was really going to help me in more ways than I could imagine in future.  I started competing and must have just had the gift for it as placed top 3 in my first 10k and from then on there was no stopping me.  I entered my first marathon in hope for an elite time as my training and previous races had predicted, however soon into the race I realised something was off, with my heart rate being was excessively high along with a dull but noticeable pain in my leg.  Further into the race the pain got stronger, I somehow got round the full course, not really sure how but collapsed over the finish line with heat exhaustion, a couple of days later to find I had a stress fracture, oh and I also placed 4th female!

Devastated and unable to run for some time, I joined a gym as part of my rehabilitation process.  I was amazed at how much my body shape changed using weights and high intensity style training. It felt like a blessing as not only was I achieving the body shape I dreamed, I also wasn’t smashing my bones to pieces in the process!

I regularly studied all the fitness and nutrition articles in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness. Fascinated with nutrition, health, exercise and how you can literally change your body shape within reason to a desired outcome and the effects on the body, I become a Nutrition Specialist & Personal Trainer alongside where my next goal to compete on stage as described previously!


In hindsight I can see this where this motivation, drive and passion replaced itself with unhealthy and unrealistic goals.  The better I did, the less I actually enjoyed what I was doing and the more pressure I put on myself. My achievements and goalposts were forever moving.  The wins had begun to feel short lived and in reality the pressure to be better than the time before was affecting my happiness and joy for life.

I was trying to fix on the outside what really needed fixing on the inside.  I didn’t understand at the time but in reality, I didn’t feel good enough, worthy enough, however you want to phrase it.  

Continually trying to prove myself, I will feel good enough when …and quite frankly to continually try and chase the next win was extremely tiring.  Most certainly not healthy and a pretty painful journey.  

Whilst it may look from the outside a shining example of our most fittest, healthiest, happiest and most confident version of self..sadly (for me anyways) it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

From a young age I have always had a deep sense of spiritual connection and in awe of something greater than myself yet also part of me.  

I finally decided to jump off the hamster wheel, use my discipline in a positive way to come back to self.  

Practising yoga and meditation daily, a lot of self study, a lot of compassion and inviting self love back in, getting to know me, whom I truly am, at my core, within my heart, my essence. 

I now wake up each morning truly grateful for who I am, my connection to everything around me, physically and spiritually. 

And then, as if by divine timing..I fell pregnant!  To be overjoyed and able to bring new life into this world is an understatement. 

Those that are lucky enough to experience parenthood will know there is no greater purpose to bring a child up happy and safely with unconditional love and commitment to their highest wellbeing in healthy and happy surroundings. 

Shortly after birthing my now five and half year old, I trained as a yoga and meditation teacher. Those that understand yoga know it is a practice of mastering the mind, the poses are merely the facilitator.  

This became my link to be able to share all my learnings and wisdom gained from my spiritual practices. 

I still PT and teach nutrition, however from a much more health conscious and holistic approach.  I have even created my own yoga/fitness style class which is super fun especially for those that like to get an amazing workout!

As we consume mostly foods that are high vibrational and healing, this helps us feel in optimum health with energy and vitality.  Allowing body, mind and soul perfect balance.  Following these principles it allows us to feel our most vibrant, healthiest, happiest self.

My passion is to help people awaken to their truth. Prioritising self love, as they shine a light on what no longer serves. Elevating physical, mental and spiritual health, and beaming their most empowered brightest version self. Ultimately feel healthier, happier, more vibrant in each moment, welcoming in more love, joy, peace and magic in their daily lives.

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