About me

“Beam your brightest version”

Hi I am Karen, and I am on a mission to help as many people as possible unlock their full potential using a holistic approach to invite Health, Happiness and Wellbeing into their daily lives!

Holistic Wellbeing

As a certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist with 18 years of experience coaching people through their transformation goals, I’ve helped countless women just like you achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing dreams.  I offer a whole body holistic approach to help you achieve health, happiness and wellbeing.

I understand the challenges you’re facing because I’ve been there myself. In recent years I have dramatically changed my approach to my health, fitness and whole wellness.  There came an undeniable moment in my 40’s I realised I couldn’t continue the training, diet and overall intensive regime that served me well in my 30’s!

Inner Work

In my early career, I competed internationally in figure and fitness competitions, winning numerous trophies and appearing regularly in top fitness magazines.  Yes, it was and exciting time and looking back I realise I experienced so much opportunity for growth, whilst this could be mistaken for muscle I am speaking of the mind.  I can now admit my motivation was coming from an unhealthy place of trying to prove myself and be better than the time before. Overtime this lead me to feel burnt out and emotionally drained from pushing myself so hard. As I was also consistently putting myself for comparison against others, not a healthy place to live, I knew I needed to make a change.

This included a long process of self study, lots of inner reflection and identifying my own limiting beliefs, self worth and identifying why I was pushing myself through extreme regimes, for external validation that I was unable to find within myself.  Of course that never lifted me up, in fact it created more emptiness, a form of self sabotage.

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Health, Happiness and Wellbeing

That’s when I turned to yoga, meditation and daily mindset work which helped me reconnect with my true self and find joy in the present moment. A huge shift towards a more holistic approach, focusing on whole-body and mind wellness to achieve my health and fitness goals.

I’ve developed a deep understanding of the transformative power of connecting the body and mind. I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping others overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs to become their most empowered selves.

Today, as a regular practitioner of certified Yoga, Health and Wellness coach, teaching whole body holistic approach the health, fitness and wellness, I use my expertise and experiences to help women like you achieve whole body wellbeing, energy, and vitality.

If you’re ready to transform your life and rediscover your passion for health and wellness and ready to approach your fitness, overcome self sabotage and limiting beliefs, work with the mind and learn the healing powers of nutrition so you can overcome challenges physically, mentally and emotionally,  I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Let’s work together to create a customized plan that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Get ready to embrace the tools and insights that will unlock your full potential, and live your life to the highest degree.