Living fully in the present

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Living fully in the present

These days I can say I feel very proud of my competing days in Body fitness and Figure which actually took a life span of 10 years!  The true commitment and dedication to compete and high levels, not for a minute did my eyes distract from the goal in hand. But one thing I do know for sure, I am happier, more content and at so much more peace with myself.  As I set my daily intentions I choose to live and love life to the full, enjoy and be fully in the present moment as much as I possibly can.

I have noticed many people recently; which I guess could be to do with the new decade reminiscing on the past and their achievements.  Yet still holding onto so tightly, wishing it was now, unable to enjoy life as it shows up today.  When we get so caught up in the past or even the worries of the future we end up missing out on the gift of now (a present).

There is so much more happiness and joy available, waiting for us when we can train ourselves to totally live in the present moment.  Truly appreciating our ever changing cycle of life, going with the flow, instead of resisting against the natural current.

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No longer do I have the 10% body fat ripped physique that I had.  I also no longer judge and criticise myself as I once did.  There is no moving goal post or comparing myself to others.  However good I became and however well I did, somehow it was never quite good enough, it never quite filled that void that I imagined it would.

Rather than the logical reaction of how well I had done, spending time being grateful and respecting my dedication and hard work.

Instead my focus would turn to the next competition, the next level up.  Or maybe it was the stress and fear mindset of the rookie chasing my tail to take me down next season.

The perfectionism I had set within my own mind and body was undeniably painful, as it was to watch.  People do the same with food, alcohol or drugs but ultimately it’s the same, we are masking a void within us and trying to block it out something deep inside or control it in another way.

Since yoga became a regular practice in my life I know for sure it’s transformed me inside out.  So much healing has taken place on a sub conscious level as well as conscious. Still on occasions I can have non serving or negative thoughts appear.  How do they come about? Well, either by drifting away from the present and into the past or worrying about the future (creating a story that hasn’t even happened!).

Now I see them quickly for what they are when they appear. I either laugh at them, knowing it’s no more than a thought, a limiting belief and choose to send love instead. When you understand it just an old conditioning trying to protect you it’s so much easier to acknowledge it and send it on it’s way.

I am totally committed to keeping my energy field, body and mind in a highvibe environment as much as I possibly can.  I can’t control what goes on on the outside but I am pretty quick in noticing when that monkey mind voices it’s opinions!

Just the other day I was in the gym when a member can in really angry and raising his voice to another member.  In that moment I felt the prickles going all through my energy field and I didn’t like it one bit.  Luckily the person in charge quickly diffused the situation.

I was instantly aware of the thoughts that came up which mirrored something within me that needed reviewing, healing and moving through.  Go back a few years I would never have figured this situation had anything to do with me. Knowing different I am able to go beyond the situation itself and view it’s another layer assisting me towards further transformation and to become more at peace with all aspects of myself.

I believe every human being has their own unique gift to give to the world that absolutely no one else can do in quite the same way.  I want to gift this consciousness to others that are ready to receive it.  We don’t have to suffer with negative thinking, judgmental thoughts ( as much to ourselves than to others), it’s a condition we have chosen to take on.  We don’t need to be living with depression, addiction, victim hood or hatred, to name just a few of the lower vibrational feelings and emotions that almost seem to be accepted in many peoples lives. There are ways to move through these and often they are coming from a void we have not chosen to face and mask instead with unhealthy desires, blame etc.

‘Everything is Figureoutable’ as Marie Forleo would say.

The key to step into our own power and know we are 100% responsible for our own mindset.  The more we can practice living joyfully, compassion, being happy with what is, gratitude and self love the better for all.  (This is a big one for most even if not aware of it).

We are often shamed to self love by being called selfish, which is crazy right?  How can we love anything outside of us if we don’t love whats on the inside first.  And how can we expect someone else to love us if we don’t first love ourselves fully with all our flaws.  The phase ‘that person is full of themselves’  should be a compliment rather than a derogatory.  We should be, showing up more, standing up more and not being ashamed or toning down our own uniqueness to fit in with the crowd or others expectation of us.

By practicing being in the present moment and showing up as our true authentic selves, we see more glimmers of light, hope, inspiration, joy, love and happiness in our daily lives.

Yoga is just a tool but it can help you and guide you in more way than you can imagine.  By practicing Yoga, pranayama, meditation and ultimately living a life in the present you are doing so much healing to your body, mind and soul, more than you ever know.

We are literally re-wiring the whole nervous system when practicing regularly and ultimately healing and transforming mind and body inside out.


Karen Norris Headstand in the present yoga class  Karen yoga in the present chaturangaI believe setting intentions for the day is a powerful process, helping you both manage mindset and daily actions and wellbeing.  I will usually do this after coming into a clear space following my morning yoga and meditation practice.

I also like to write 3 or so affirmations a day and pick one that I will keep with me throughout my day depending what I’m focused on.

I particularly one I use when I feel a little out of sorts – “Something amazing is going to happen to me today”

Whenever I use this, something actually does!  Magic? Maybe.. Or perhaps I have just directed my focus to keep a look out for all the amazing, positive things that could happen in the day.  It becomes like a little game with self to prove the affirmation is working.  I train my mind to chose not to pay any attention to the potentially negative situations, like the crazy driver pulling out in front of me but the positive situations instead.

I invite you to try it.  Feel free to change the affirmation that works for you.  Notice all the positive things, synchronicities, and enjoyable things that happen to you in a day. If you want to get really highvibe do it the next day and see if you can beat your score!

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