Reset your goals and revive your health and fitness routine!

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Reset your goals and revive your health and fitness routine!

Are you ready to reset your goals and revive your health and fitness routine? Don’t despair, check out my revival hacks and full downloadable guide below..

Time fly’s when you’re having fun, right?! I have to admit whilst the summer holidays have created some great memories, trying to juggle work as well as being a mum to a nearly 6 year old, (how did that happen?!) Keeping up with his social life, arranging playdates to beach trips, river walks and lots of cycling,  my normal half decent self care routine has taken a bit of a nose dive!

These days I am much more of a something better than nothing kinda girl rather than all or nothing.  Whilst I used to be more latter I find balance is the key to not only consistency but happiness too. 

However the knock on effect of later nights, ice creams at the beach and a few glasses of wine with friends may have added a few pounds to the scales. As well as resistance in my mindset as I try to coax myself back into my familiar health, wellbeing and fitness routines. 

Back on track

When we want to get back on the health and wellbeing train it definitely feels tougher in the beginning that’s for sure.  I find myself wondering if I should I just postpone for another week, hmmm – not if I want to keep happy and healthy for as long as I can and keep up with my forever more energetic child, lol;)

This may sound extreme but I see this so often with clients throughout the year (not just over the holidays).  They create so much progress, and what seems like suddenly, fall off the wagon, lose faith and trust in themselves, never to be seen again. Or at least 6 months later when they really do have to start from scratch or even be further away from their goals and desires than where they were before.

What may have seemed like a sudden event that spiralled them backwards, there would have been warning signs leading up to that time.  


My belief is everything starts with the mindset. When we first start out with something we are excited and motivated.  Maybe we have bought into a program we think will solve all our problems. The first few weeks are fabulous and all is going well, like buying a new bike and wanting to ride it everyday to work but then the novelty wears off.  

It does take effort, energy and consistency to achieve whatever health wellbeing and fitness goals we have and this is where people begin to struggle.  The ego mind kicks in telling you all the reasons why not to, it’s hard, it hurts, I can’t do this, I am tired, it’s not working for me anymore, I’ll do it tomorrow etc.

Whilst many feel like they are failing at this point, this is actually the first stage of transformation. 

It’s like the universe is asking – How much do you want this?  Are your desires greater than your short term pleasures? 

If you want something enough you absolutely will achieve it. This is the moment of truth, we have all seen these scenarios play out many times before. Can you recall where you were so close to achieving something but then you stepped back, something got it the way, fear jumps in, self doubt, excuses arise (I get it some are most valid) sorry/not sorry for the tough love but they are still excuses. 

If you wanted something enough, you would make it happen!  

There are also times in most of our lives where we did push above and beyond, past all the limits of what we thought possible. Maybe it was sports or another health and fitness goal, or maybe it was a job, an award, even overcoming a fear or a phobia. 

It’s empowering to go over these events. How it make you feel?  Taking a moment to back to a time and remember how proud of yourself do you feel? What positive emotions does this bring up knowing you created this success for yourself.  Was it tough at any point?  Were there challenging moments when you doubted yourself but then did it anyway? I bet there was!

This is the kind of mindset we need to bring into our everyday life . Are you going to give up or are you going to say hell no and push through the pressure? A diamond is created under extreme pressure;)  

There is no such thing as failure unless you give up!  

When we weight train we are putting our muscles under tension and actually breaking the muscle fibres to repair and make them stronger.  We break a bone and it repairs back stronger. To increase our cardiovascular fitness we put our heart muscle under stress.

  • The practice of yoga teaches us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  
  • The word Tapas in yoga is the ability to practice self discipline, creating friction or heat to purify.  
  • Considering what is challenging in the beginning brings the most joy and gratitude in the end.  Conversely, what is fun or pleasurable in the beginning can bring us the most pain in the end.
  • Even meditation can feel most uncomfortable by purely sitting still and trying to quieten our minds.  
  • The stories our minds can bring up for all the reasons not to sit still, our brains are so wired to be continually stimulated and obtain instant gratification.

Comfort and ease doesn’t always please

Specifically in our western world everything is designed to make our life so easy, everything available at the click of a button. Shopping online to googling an answer for literally any question we may have.  Of course there are massive benefits for this – you wouldn’t be reading my blog otherwise, or attending my next live online yoga or fitness workshop;)

However with all this comfort and ease, it doesn’t give us the training or the tools to embrace a challenge or be ok with change. But these are the things that really line us up for growth and expansion and ultimately create more fulfilment in our lives.   

So whether you have completely fallen off the wagon for many months and ran away from any mention of health, wellbeing and fitness goals and routines, or maybe just a little blip over the holidays. Where to start without creating more overwhelm and resistance to change?

Top Hacks

  • Start small and just commit to consistency – whether it’s 15mins, 30 mins or an hour, make sure you think “I can do that” (you can always add extra days/time as it becomes more of a habit again.
  • Write down 1 to 3 top goals and break these down into daily steps of how you are going to achieve them.  
  • Create a habit tracker – print off a checklist where you can write down your daily steps that you can check off each day.  E.g say one of your top goals was to lose body fat and feel healthier – your daily habit could be go to the gym, drink 8 glasses of water per day, no refined sugar, do yoga or a home 15 min HIIT workout etc.
  • Morning Routine – those that know me know I am a huge fan of morning routines. Many people shy away from this little daily commitment saying they don’t have enough time, but in reality it creates time.  It gives you a chance to know where you are heading, you get to create your day in a proactive way, rather than you being reactive to external events/distractions that end up controlling you.

Download my full guide and workbook here:

From this point onwards you have just set yourself up for the best day. You have decided and committed to which health and fitness goals you have prioritised and not much can get in your way, unless you allow it.

Good luck and sending health, happiness and high vibes your way. 💚😍💫

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