Yoga for Grounding & Stability

Grounding Root Chakra Yoga

Yoga for Grounding & Stability

Yoga Flow for Grounding and Stability | Muladhara Chakra | Root Chakra | Connection to Earth 🌎

Today we focus upon grounding and stability, which connects us with our first chakra – our root (muladhara) chakra.

Often when we feel ‘ungrounded’, too much in our head or spaced out – this is our time to ground back and feel that connection within our own body.

From here we connect with nature and root back to earth where we feel most stable, happy and secure, whilst in our most natural calm state of being.

The root chakra is the element of survival and represents all things physical in our lives from our needs, wants and desires. 💜

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Many Blessings & Namaste 🙏