What my clients say



I started training with Karen about 6months ago with the aim of losing weight and getting fitter. I was in the worst shape of my life and it felt like a mammoth task to take on. Karen has made the whole process feel achievable. I have transformed from feeling nervous about setting foot in gym to actually enjoying working out. My fitness levels and body shape have dramatically improved with Karen’s guidance and her ability to push me that little bit further than I thought possible. Not only do I look better but I have so much more confidence. Having seen the improvement training with Karen has had on my bodyshape in just a few months is so motivating and I’m really looking forward to the future results.

Janine, Cambridge

I have been working out all my adult life. I also had a warped theory about eating less and losing weight. Karen taught me that a combined nutrition and weight training plan would help tone and lose fat. It worked. The combo of her nutritional advice and training sessions is the perfect combo. She’s totally changed my perception of how and what to eat with a personal nutrition plan that works. Highly recommended!

Sheila, Cambridge

I’ve been lifting weights for more than 20 years now and eating for far longer. I’ve tried countless diets, training systems and spent tens of thousands on supplements and training gimmicks. I’ve had mixed results with too many combinations to know what worked, or as in most cases what did not…

I’ve trained in many different gyms over the years so had heard of Karen and her own results as a bodybuilding competitor. Rumour was “she trains like a beast and knows her stuff”

I originally went to see Karen about my training and asked for a plan to help me build muscle and size. I was expecting to receive info on what the best exercises to perform and how many reps. I was pleased to see it was similar to what I had already found works for me.

So why am I not in the shape I want to be lifting the weights I want to lift I asked myself. Karen then presented me with a diet plan. A plan that used mostly the foods I already ate but in the quantities that would assist me best with my goals.

I followed it for 9 months and put on almost 15kg’s hitting my strength goals.

Then completely sold on the effectiveness of Karen’s coaching and knowledge I thought I’d ask to drop down to 12% body fat while keeping the muscle I had worked hard to grow.

8 months later I achieved that goal as well.

My new goal is to be heavier, stronger and in better condition than ever before with 12-15% body fat. Guess who is coaching me through it?!

Karen’s approach is direct and practical. She doesn’t coach anything she hasn’t already been through and succeeded with herself. She both talks the talk and eats her own cooking so if your looking for a consultant who knows their stuff and is going to give you an awesome return on your investment then you know who to call.

Simon Stocker, Cambridge

Training with Karen has become one of the most rewarding investments I have ever made. I was daunted by the prospect of paying for a personal trainer at first but the results speak for themselves – in fact it was everyone around me commenting on the changes in me that encouraged me to persevere. She is fun but firm and strict but realistic and her own fitness/physical achievements motivate me when my focus slips or my enthusiasm wanes. Karen gives me the tools to achieve the figure I’ve tried to achieve by myself for years and I still can’t get over how fast the inch loss happened and how much my shape has changed for the better. I’m a very happy customer, I have done and will continue to, highly recommend her to anyone.

Louise Smith, Cambridge

I contacted Karen about personal training because I knew what my goal was but never seemed to reach it. I felt I needed someone to work with me to provide support and help me get there….and Karen has been amazing! She is firm but fair as a trainer…, she makes me work hard and pushes me to my limits whilst Keeping things upbeat and fun. I have never liked cardio-vascular work and so Karen adapts my sessions to build it in whilst making me forget that’s what we are doing! We incorporate Thai boxing into our sessions which makes my pulse race and is something which I enjoy. The other thing to mention is her ab-blast….’Oh-My-Word!’….If you want abs to die for and don’t mind the aching the next day – she’s your woman!!

Claire Harris, Cambridge

Training with Karen has helped me to be clearer about my fitness goals and work with a programme to get to where I want to be. Having exercised 2-3 times a weekly for 8 years I thought I knew what I needed to do to get fit and in shape, yet I still didn’t have the figure was aiming for. Karen is an inspiration, her own dedication and achievements demonstrating that she has the knowledge and exercise to train people of all shapes and sizes, with various fitness goals. 5 months in, I’m stronger, more agile and physically capable, and am closer to my goal!

Mina Nazemi

I started training with Karen Jan 2010. I had quite a few PT’s before and didn’t really get much out of them. Karen changed my perception of PT’s as she is easy to work with listened to my goals and advised me appropriately. I was a 17stone man with a waist size of nearly 40 inches and was not fit at all when I met Karen for our initial consultation. Apart from offering training advise she also gave me a diet to follow and broke it all down for me as I am very busy professional so don’t have time to do this myself! I now feel stronger, faster and leaner then I have ever done before. I have enjoyed the variation of training and find Karen a delight to work with.

I competed in Survival of the fittest and finished in a very respectful time considering I am not a runner! I don’t think it would have been possible without Karen’s guidance, training and advise. The 10k run with around 20 obstacles was harder then I thought it would be. After the event people commented on my Explosiveness and ability to get over the obstacles without any problems, this is all thanks to Karen Norris’s training methods and sessions. The event was an accurate test to see how much power, endurance, and overall explosiveness I had built up whilst being trained by Karen.

Karen inspires me to train harder during our sessions and also when training on my own. My friends and family are very impressed and have commented about how my body and structure has changed. Training with Karen has changed my life outside of the gym as well. Prior to this I was generally unwell with minor stomach issues, flu’s and colds or other infections, but since training with Karen, my immune system is stronger and haven’t seen my GP for quite some time!

I highly recommend Karen Norris as a Personal trainer and or Nutritionist for whatever goal you wish to achieve. Following her training programme and Nutritional advice you will have heads turning where ever you go!

Dervish Dervishler, London

I started training with Karen after becoming frustrated with the lack of results that I was seeing from my training routine. Our sessions are always challenging and varied and the results are really showing; I already feel more toned and stronger. Karen has taught me that my training should consist of quality instead of quantity and she has shown me how to train to get the best from my workouts. She has a wealth of knowledge and has already given me so much helpful nutritional and training advice. Karen knows how to push me and make the sessions really demanding. The nutritional advice she has given me has also been invaluable and really practical.

Rebecca Colman

I have been training with Karen for one year now and I feel totally comfortable with her in every respect. On a personal level Karen is down to earth, reliable, friendly and trustworthy, but that doesn’t stop her being a hard trainer – Karen doesn’t give up on you or let you slack during sessions. She has a keen eye on my posture and she quickly amends it if I am doing anything that puts a strain on my body. While I’m with her it doesn’t feel like hard work either, I just feel totally exhilarated and toned after our sessions. Karen is a fantastic example that her nutrition and training tactics are a success as she is body perfect.

Fiona Bennett

Karen is an inspiring fitness coach. Her knowledge and enthusiasm have kept our motivation going during a challenging lifestyle change. She demonstrates personal fitness to the highest standards herself while still showing genuine interest in and support for those just setting out on a fitness regime. The combination of varied exercise and nutrition advice has really worked for us.

Jane & Jon Chapman