Vinyasa, Hatha & Fitness Yoga

Whether your joining me for Vinyasa flow – a well rounded class that encourages strength, alignment, balance, focus and breathwork.

Yoga shred – a fitness inspired Yoga class that will sculpt the body, work deep into core and sweat out toxins to encourage fat burning and fast detoxification.

Maybe its a gentle Hatha Yoga class completely suitable for beginners or just when your wanting a little more pampering and relaxing therapeutic session to calm the mind of stress, tension and anything else that you may be holding onto.

All of my class teachings are around letting go of all that no longer serves and welcoming in new positive experiences into your life stream and in each moment. So whether we are moving stagnant energy through intense movement and sweat or by steady calming focused breath work and slow movement all are designed to heal and purify body, mind and soul.

Have you ever noticed if you haven’t really moved your body for a few days the body and mind starts to feels a bit yucky, becoming more lethargic and less motivated?

Our body is designed to move regularly and when we don’t stagnant energy/emotions are left to build up within the body.  It can store deep within our muscles which we often mistake for simply muscular stiffness. Whilst this is the external effect, it explains why feel better after a nice deep stretch or a very physical activity, this indicates how our emotions and stagnant energy getting blocked in our fascia and require physical movement and conscious breathwork to release.  

Many short and long term illnesses began with a thought, leading to stress, then triggering our nervous system to get stuck in fight or flight mode. Once this happens toxic chemical hormones are release like a drip through our body system which attack our body of nutrients, lowering and depleting the immune system – our natural ability to fend off illness/disease. 

Whilst in an ideal world we focus on prevention rather than cure the most miraculous healing encounters can happen when you change your thoughts behaviours and actions in your everyday life. 

By practicing yoga, movement and meditation on a regular basis is a tool of self healing, rejuvenation and being able to connect and create the highest, healthiest happiest version of you.

As we learn through our time on the mat to become conscious in each moment of letting go of all that doesn’t serve whilst welcoming into the mind and body positive, energy, thoughts and emotions with practice we are able to transfer this off the mat into our everyday life and hold our body in homeostasis preventing many curve balls which may otherwise have come out way.

To welcome in the magic of yoga health and healing into mind body and soul come and join my high vibe focused teachings.   Namaste 💜

One to One Private Yoga Sessions

If you feel you would like to dive deeper into yoga and all it can offer you, maybe a class is a too general and you are not getting the attention and guidance you would like to dramatically improve your yoga practice.

Or maybe a complete beginner and the thought of a yoga class with others feels overwhelming and is preventing you from even getting started.

I encourage you to think about having some one to one sessions where I will guide you through either the basics to get you on your feet and confident to practice in a class or at home safely and successfully.

Or you may wish to gain an even deeper understanding and progress your yoga beyond your class, perfecting postures, creating a daily practice including meditations, having a deeper knowledge of essential Yoga principles to begin to live, breath and sleep yoga.