Vinyasa, Yin and Power Yoga

“Yoga does not change the way we see things, but transforms the person that sees”

Join me online or in-person for Vinyasa, Yin and Power Yoga!

Great for beginners, confident yogi’s as well as fitness bunnies alike!

Coming from a fitness background I love to teach yoga that is enjoyable, energising and motivational too. I also like change the common perception of yoga of only relaxation and blissing out!

Traditional yoga was designed to create heat and friction in the body, whilst bringing the mind completely to the present, using the breath as a tool. It offers us opportunities to work through tension, resistance or anything that shows up in either body or mind or both.

You’ll find my teachings increase strength, fitness as well as releasing toxins ad stagnant energy in body and mind. Working both aerobically and anaerobically, it is one of the few forms of exercise that also balances our nervous system helping us reduce and manage stress and anxiety that modern daily life often demands .

This is fabulous for healing and switches on our fat burning response too! Obviously mobility and flexibility are part of the package which creates optimum health and wellbeing!

Yoga is designed to meet us where we are at, just like anything we startup which is why we call it a practice. Much of our mastery is how we observe ourselves, our thoughts and our reactions in each moment rather than how insta worthy our pose is looking!

All my classes are designed for beginners as well as confident yogi’s! I’ll always keep an eye out on your alignment especially for beginners and offer modifications to make the postures work for you! Making use of blocks and other equipment such as straps can really help you feel deeper into the postures and enhance your practice.

I am excited for you to start receiving all the benefits having a yoga practice will bring. From toning up your body, releasing tensions, stresses and toxins in mind and body. Feeling more energised, stronger, healthier and more vibrant each day.

What’s in it for you?!

I know as humans we can be very short term thinking but if we don’t have health what have we got?  So let’s just touch on that first before I offer you the physical aspects too!

Many short and long term illnesses begin with low levels of anxiety, worry or stress.  Our autonomic nervous system gets triggered and the sympathetic nervous system is activated(often referred to fight or flight). Once this happens toxic chemical hormones release like a drip throughout our entire body.  Whilst this is fine during short periods of time, as we hold onto underlying stress our body gets stuck here, that constant drip of hormones become toxic and detrimental to us as it attacks the body system of it’s vital nutrients, lowering and depleting the immune system – our natural ability to fend off illness/viruses/disease.

Our Yoga practice allows us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is the rest and the digest, this is our ability to heal, release toxins, harmful chemicals, stress and all undesirable energies that have found their way into our body. This is how we begin deep healing or better still prevention of a very different experience.

As a Yoga teacher my classes specifically focus on but not limited to:

  • Improves strength, flexibility and posture
  • Increases fitness, sculpting body and strengthen core
  • Boosts metabolism and aid weight loss
  • Improves your sleep and motivation
  • Relieves worry, stress and anxiety
  • Regulates nervous system reducing overwhelm, depression
  • Improves digestion and immune system
  • Decreases joint pain and ageing process
  • Invites more joy and happiness in your life
  • Promotes overall health, happiness and wellbeing
In-person and Online Yoga
Yoga Health and Wellness Coach

If you are local to Waterbeach, Cambridge I would love to welcome you to join our weekly in person classes:)

Yin Yang Yoga – A perfect combination to tick all the boxes!

Starting with Vinyasa flow building heat and energy promoting strength and stamina.

Followed with slower paced Hatha and Yin giving us a more restorative practice.

Deeper stretches that calm mind and balance the nervous system.

Helping us to release any stresses, anxiety and worries of the day, promoting healing to body, mind and soul.

  • Improves flexibility, strength and mobility
  • Increases fitness, tones body and core
  • Relieves worries and stress
  • Promotes overall health, happiness & wellbeing.

Suitable for beginners 🤗🙏


Waterbeach Barracks Studio

Days & Times:

Monday 6-7pm

Wednesday 10.30am-11.30am

Message me to book your first free trial class!

Spring Morning Yoga Retreat – 2nd April 2023

Yoga, Meditation and nutritious food

Feel the Magic of Yin and Yang Yoga at Our Spring Morning Yoga Retreat with Mel and Myself!

Take a break from everyday stresses and experience a morning of Yoga, breath work, and meditation to release tensions and stresses in mind and body, and come away feeling fully recharged, rejuvenated and ready to bounce into the season of Spring! 💐

Enjoy Mel’s fantastic plant-based recipes, made with loads of love and using local seasonal vegetables to deliver nutrient dense and delicious wholesome foods, your body will love you too. 💚

Throughout our morning practice we will be shifting our energy and flushing away what doesn’t serve, whilst welcoming in new uplifting energy to recharge and ignite our whole being.

We’ll be adding in a calming and restorative practice to bring a sense of peace, wellbeing, and mental freedom. 🌟

You’ll be greeted with a welcome nourishing fresh juice ready for our morning of yoga and meditation.

Followed with a nutritious lunch as well as tea and cake. 🍰🍵

Let’s not forget the goody bag to take away full of useful information and pamper products! 💕

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a regular yogi, we cannot wait to welcome you and enjoy this magical experience with us! 

DM to secure your space 🙏🌸💫

Suitable for all levels, message for more information and to secure your space😁✨

*yoga will be suitable for all levels with modifications offered throughout.

*parking is available at the venue

Yin Yang Yoga Classes Cambridge
Morning Yoga Retreat 2023