Whole Body HIIT workout with Weights

High Intensity Training with weights

Whole Body HIIT workout with Weights

20min High Intensity Whole Body Workout – With Weights 🌟

40 seconds on 20 seconds recovery, 3 rounds with 6 exercises per round.

A high intensity workout designed to improve your fitness, strength and stamina, burn body fat, sculpt and tone the body as we target all major muscles throughout the workout. Practiced regularly along with my other similar style classes to improve overall strength, fitness, bodyshape, health and wellbeing.

I am using 6kg dumbbells during this workout. Choose weights that are manageable for you to complete each set. Depending on your strength, endurance and goals feel free to have a couple of sets of weights to switch between as we target different muscle groups.

Be sure to warm up for at least 5 minutes before starting this workout, checkout one of my previous HITT just body weight workouts for inspiration.

Have some water nearby and enjoy the workout💪.