Yoga for Strength in Body and Mind

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Yoga for Strength in Body and Mind

My love for Yoga really took off after I became a mum. I needed a different approach to the way I exercised and not only did I find how much it helped me build strength back in mind but in body too.


I could practice yoga in the comfort of my living room at whatever time it suited. The more I practiced, the more I found yoga really did tick all the boxes! Initially I was surprised to realise strength and whole body awareness was required to move and hold my body in what sometimes looked like the most simplest ways. 


Beyond the physical practice was the discipline and inner strength yoga builds in the mindset too. Acceptance of the way things are, physically from bodies limitations, mentally where holding own self back. Making excuses which really are just limiting beliefs and pushing blame outside of any nature.

Yoga teaches us how to communicate with the body which is always trying to send us messages. Learning true meaning of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is when the healing can begin. Whether that’s physically, mentally or emotionally and sometimes all three!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in accordance to our souls jouney, we are only ever given what we can handle. But sometimes it can feel like we are peeling an onion, one obstacle goes and then another shows up!

I wonder why in our western world our schools do not offer us any tools in how to deal with life. We are not short of these highly evolved wisdom teachings after all but you really have to go hunting to find them.

They are certainly not found in a school library. I have even heard where some fellow yoga friends have been called a bad person to practise it. This does make me raise an eyebrow to question why are these teachings being held back.

Yoga philosophy

I have studied in detail yoga philosophy along with the yoga sutras by Patanjali which is what the practice of yoga is based upon. They are the most beautiful verses created to serve as a guide to attain wisdom and self realisation through yoga.

The entire aim of yoga is to help each person achieve better mental, emotional and physical health. The physical practice of yoga guides us become the master of the mind. 

Imagine a world full of people whose intentions were to create this as a discipline..

My personal experience

I soon realised my pre yoga days were pretty uncomfortable and not particularly healthy. Although it certainly didn’t look that way as a thriving personal trainer and top of my of my game competing in bodyfitness competitions.

The simple fact I chose to get on stage and be judged how good my physique looked, determining how healthy my body was, doesn’t make so much sense to me these days.

The funny thing is to be stuck in a mindset that seeks external validation in order to earn confidence, empowerment, worthiness which cannot and never could be truth.

Whilst this is my personal experience, others may have a different story of struggles I’m sure many can relate. In our society today we are in constant bombardment from the fashion, beauty and social media industry to feel we have to look and show up a certain way to be accepted and validated.

In reality the only time we can really feel confident, empowered and strong in mind and body, along with self love and worth, is when we understand the magic of our true human form. When we can then truly believe that within ourselves.

The more I studied and practiced, incorporating yoga in all areas of my life, the more I was able to overcome untrue and limiting beliefs I had carried for as long as I can remember. Finally releasing and healing long term physical and emotional pains and injuries that never seemed to shift however much I seemed to work on them.

The more I studied and practiced the more I realized the aim towards balance in body, mind and life was a great goal to strive for.

Always the student

We are always the students, which I find both humbling and comforting at the same time. Ready for new learnings and interpretations. 

If we stop learning we stop growing and when we stop growing. We don’t tend to learn so much whilst sitting in our comfort zone.  

Yoga teaches us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Stepping into the unknown and facing our fears. Reviewing our objections and limiting beliefs to create true transformation and strength in body and mind.

When we have a strong mind, we create a strong body. 

Journey of transformation through Yoga

  • The way I think in the moment, my ability to get totally present. Become honest and listen to my body and mind rather than what the outside world is telling me.
  • The observer of my thoughts. Making choices for my highest good (and if I don’t, that is a conscious choice!). 
  • Be a more conscious better parent. Educating my son more healing ways to deal with his emotions as well as others.
  • Doing my shadow work. Working through triggers, projections and unconscious behaviours, fears and false beliefs.
  • Connect to my spirituality.
  • Align with my higher purpose and shine my light no matter what.
  • Sincere appreciation gratitude for self, those around me, daily experiences, the journey, being alive.
  • Respect and love my body, tuning in and course correcting when needed  
  • A healthy and balanced approached to keep my body fit, strong and healthy. 
  • Yoga teaches us the discipline we need to do to create physical and mental strength in mind and body.

Final Thoughts

Once we begin our journey we never stop, it’s like creating and caring for a beautiful garden, you still have to keep nurturing it otherwise slowly but surely the weeds do grow back

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