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Yoga is a lifestyle, a way of being.  It becomes your whole life, on and off the mat, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep. It changes the way you step out and show up into the world each day.  It changes your relationship with other whilst not forgetting yourself!  Ultimately it enables you to shine joy and appreciation for life itself.

It took me probably the best part of a year practicing most days to begin to see the transformational process that occurs not only in the body, but in the mind and soul.  I know I am still scratching the surface to a life long journey of transformation and an essential part of own well being.

Many people’s perception of Yoga is limited to the physical asana, becoming super flexible and achieving the ‘perfect pose’.

Hands up! When I first starting practicing Yoga for me the reasons were purely physical.  To become more flexible, recover from previous sports injuries and if I could get sculpted and prevent further injuries then that was a bonus too.

Whilst Yoga does all of this the benefits go so much deeper.  As well as all the physical benefits some of which I have listed below, I believe the magic happens in the way it creates peace, happiness, health and overall wellbeing in a persons life. The focus and control of the breath (pranayama) regulates the nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety and fear, in turn reduces risks of the most chronic diseases.

I absolutely love teaching Yoga and all it’s philosophy and feel it’s a gift I have been given and must share with others.

As well as teaching the importance of Stira and Sukka (strengh and sweetness) Pranayama techniques and meditation.  Coming from a fitness background I also teach you in a way that can get the heart rate going whilst working and challenging the muscles in strength and flexibility.  This also works great for purifying the mind as well as the body.

If you would like to come along and try my classes I teach mainly Vinyasa flow, whilst adding some Hatha and Yin elements for longer holds and deeper stretches.

I have also created my very own style Yoga shred class which has a lot more fitness elements to it, along side the Vinyasa flows,  it’s sweaty, it’s detoxing and it’s super fun!

Just get in touch and I would love for you to join us:)


  • Improve strength, muscle tone, flexibility, posture
  • Aid sleep, digestion, immune system & brain function
  • Decrease joint pain, ageing process, blood sugar & pressure
  • Aids weight loss, better breathing, detoxifies blood
  • Reduces risk of chronic diseases i.e heart, cancer, stroke, diabetes
  • Regulates nervous system reducing stress, anxiety & fear
  • Creates peace, happiness, health & overall wellbeing
  • Improves quality of relationships with self & others

One to One Private Yoga Sessions

If you feel you would like to dive deeper into yoga and all it can offer you, maybe a class is a too general and you are not getting the attention and guidance you would like to dramatically improve your yoga practice.

Or maybe a complete beginner and the thought of a yoga class with others feels overwhelming and is preventing you from even getting started.

I encourage you to think about having some one to one sessions where I will guide you through either the basics to get you on your feet and confident to practice in a class or at home safely and successfully.

Or you may wish to gain an even deeper understanding and progress your yoga beyond your class, perfecting postures, creating a daily practice including meditations, having a deeper knowledge of essential Yoga principles to begin to live, breath and sleep yoga.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!